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Cat-Ears AirStreamz work against the annoying noise of the wind during your bike rides. Attachment is easy to the helmet straps.

Shipping costs € 2,50, free from €55.00

AIRSTEAMZ are designed to reduce the sound of the wind while riding your bike considderable. Nu using top choice materialen like FibrePile and Velcro brand fasteners quality and longlivety is garantied. Just simply attach them on the helmet straps and"CYCLE-OFF-WIND"

AirStreamz Slim is the right choice when yo have a helmet with helmetstraps that leaves a gap between the straps and the skin. The design of the Airsteamz Slim films up This gap.

Made from faux fur, the Classic is the first designed Cat-Ears model and This model still works very good. This model is a bit bulkier than the Airsteamz models.

Use the Earcovers on colder days and your ears keep warm on you ride to work, school or your weekly workout on the bike. Using polartec and Velcro brands insure top quality from Cat-Ears.